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Our smoothies are the most amazing tasting and fastest selling Smoothies available, anywhere - but don't just take our word for it.

Here's what our customers say about Smoothie Solutions . . .

M. Cafe - Arguniguin, Canary Islands, Spain

"We used to sell another brand of smoothies but decided to change to iLove Smoothies as we had heard they are the best. What we were told is true. Our sales of smoothies have more than doubled compared to the other brand, our customers love them, plus the service from the team at Love Smoothies is excellent. I highly recommend this product"

D. Cafe S - Playa Ingles, Canary Islands, Spain

"We started selling iLove Smoothies in our bar two months ago - and we are delighted. The smoothies are the best on the market and our customers are very satisfied. We were not sure if the product would sell but from the first week we have been serving about 100 smoothies per week. Thanks Karen and Stevie"

F.C.P. - Cafe Melonares, Gran Canaria

"Our customers love these smoothies and smoothie cocktails! This is a very high quality product and the service from the company is impeccable. We changed from another brand of smoothies 6 months ago and we are so pleased that we made the right decision. Thank you Stevie, Karen, Lynne and Luis"

J.S. - Cafe M. Gran Canaria

"Over the past year we have tried to sell two other brands of smoothies and our sales were mediocre. Now we have changed to iLove Smoothies and our sales have rocketed. The goodwill we have generated with our customers from selling a quality drink has increased dramatically. If you want the best Smoothie on the market with the best customer service - look no further than Love Smoothies. The product fits perfectly into our Cafe menu."

B. - Bar M, Mogan, España

03 January 2012
"We have now been selling Love Smoothies for 9 months now and we are delighted with the product and with the service from the Love Smoothies team. Every detail is taken care of and we always recieve our order within 24 hours. We used to sell another brand of Smoothies but changed because of poor service. We can recommend Love Smoothies to anyone."

A. - Cafe MB, Gran Canaria, España

01 January 2012
"We started selling iLove Smoothies 6 months ago after receiving poor service from another supplier. The service from iLove Smoothies has been fantastic and our smoothie sales have increased too. The Love Smoothie product is a superior drink. We have now switched permanently to Love Smoothies."

A. - Cafe O, Canary Islands, España

01 August 2011:
"I am very content with this fast selling product. In the first week we sold 120 Smoothies in our cafe & nightclub. Thanks to all at iLove Smoothies for your help"

L.V. - Restaurante España, Gallicia, Spain

22 May 2010:
"Today I received my new Vita-Mix Drink Machine Blender from iLove Smoothies and I am very pleased with it. I was impressed with the quick delivery and great customer service - plus your price for the Vita-Mix was unbeatable!"

J.F. - Visitor to the Canary Islands

29th July 2010:
"I'm on holidays in the Canary Islands at the minute and my kids, husband and myself have enjoyed your Smoothies every single day - Just to quote your own words they taste 'Deliciously Scrumptious' - What a fantastic idea! Can I sell them in the UK?"

M.L. - Plantaciones de Origen, Canary Islands, Spain

10th May 2010:
"iLove Smoothies are the best IQF smoothie product around. We tried another brand of Smoothies with 100 gm sachets but found they did not sell well. Our customers really enjoy Love Smoothies and we are proud to be working with this company. Thank you."

C.R. - Cafe DP, Canary Islands, Spain

20th Feb 2010:
"We used to stock another fruit pulp product, but once we tried iLove Smoothies we immediately switched to this fantastic product. Sales are growing every week. This is a superior smoothie which our customers prefer. We also love the VitaMix Bar Boss blenders provided by Love Smoothies. Thank you Lys and Stevie"

J.C. - Tea & Coffee Pot, Canary Islands, Spain

18th Feb 2010:
"Our clients love these smoothies. We have never had such a popular cold drink - and they're so easy to prepare as well. We sell only quality products, so iLove Smoothies fit into our menu range perfectly. The service provided by iLove Smoothies is exceptional and the Vita-Mix blender with spare jugs they provided to us is also fantastic. Love Smoothie SL is great company to do business with"

J.M. - International Restaurant, Spain

1 June May 2010:
"This is a fantastic Smoothie product, congratulations. I was looking for a quality fruit based drink to offer my customers in the new restaurant. I looked at another company but the Love Smoothie product is by far the best on the market. My staff enjoy making the Smoothies and love the Vita-Mix blenders that Love Smoothie SL have provided. Thank you."

J.E.- Hotel H.L (five-star), Canary Islands, Spain

01 January 2012:
"We started selling iLove Smoothies 6 months ago and are very pleased with the quality and sales of this product. We have now decided to offer Love Smoothies in all four bars throughout the Hotel. Can we order another blender and another 500 smoothies please? Thank you for your help and for the customized menus"

J.A. - P.T. Hotel, Canary Islands, Spain

25th May 2010:
"Our hotel has a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. We started with iLove Smoothies 6 months ago and they have honestly been a great success. Our hotel guests enjoy these ice-cold drinks and we have received a brilliant service from Lys and Stevie at Love Smoothies."

C. R. - International Distributor, Lanzarote, España

23 May 2010:
"I sold 1800 smoothies in my first 3 weeks as a Distributor. Everything is going very well - even better than planned. My total sales in three months have been about 13,000 smoothies and I am now placing an order for another pallet. It is great to be a part of the Love Smoothie family of distributors."

M.I. - P.D.B. Coffee House, Tenerife, España

12 July 2010:
"We ordered 1800 Smoothies and a Vitamix blender from Love Smoothies for our new coffee Shop in Tenerife. iLove Smoothies designed and produced our own menus and the Smoothies are selling very well. We are really pleased with them. We hope to order another Vitamix blender in the coming weeks. Thanks to Javier for his help"

B.M. - International Distributor, Ibiza, España

20 May 2010:
"Thanks Lys and Stevie for helping me to start up selling iLove Smoothies in Ibiza. I'm glad I have found a Smoothie company I can trust"

Love Smoothie made in Las palmas, Canary Islands. Copyright: Love Smoothies

Smoothie Solutions is the main distributors of IQF fruit smoothies in the Canary Islands, Spain and iEurope.

Our 100% fruit smoothies are unlike any other. We invite you to taste any other smoothie - and then try an iLove Smoothie.

The difference is in the taste, the appearance and the freshness of the fruit.

Our Smoothie recipes have been developed after many years research and each Smoothie has 3 or 4 types of fruit in it.

Our Smoothies are not only the best tasting on the market - they are also the largest. Each Smoothie sachet holds at least 150 gm fruit.

In independent taste tests iLove Smoothies have come out top - time and time again.

Don't just take our word for it . . . . in the opposite column you can read what our customers have to say about our Smoothies.

Young, fresh and Juicy


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  • Smoothie Solutions - 
    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria



Smoothie Solutions manufacturer, distributor & direct supplier
of extraordinary IQF fruit Smoothies in Spain and Europe. 
Distributors of Blendtec, Vitamix and Omniblend.

Rapid and reliable service

Rapid and reliable service

We delivery 7 days a week - 365 days per year. We never forget you are the customer.

Rapid and reliable service
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