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2016 is well under way and already it’s set to become Smoothie Solutions busiest year yet.

We have added four new international distributors to our list of clients and we are now offering more smoothies to more people in more countries than ever before.

New state of the art, production facilities in the UK are now online and we have the capacity to produce up to 30 tons of smoothies and bulk fruit and vegetables every single day. Wherever you are in the world and how ever much you want to order - we can supply the products you require.

A crucial part of our growth has been the result of all the hard work put in by our extraordinarily talented team.

In the past 6 months we have introduced four new team members.

Maria is our Financial Director responsible for everything to do with finances and accounting and she is using her expertise to effortlessly lay the foundations to guide Smoothie Solutions into exciting new directions. This lady is always glowing from ear to ear - some call it Canarian Charm, but we think it’s her genuine zest for life! A mistress of the magic of numbers, this lady will tell you anything about money and numbers (or anything else) that you need to know - plus she is a such a joy to work with. Thank you for joining Smoothie Solutions Maria and being our financial wizard.

Estefania is our new Operations Manager and it is a real delight to have her back at the heart of Smoothie Solutions. Estefania took a short break from the company but we missed her so much and asked her if she would join us gain. Thankfuly she agreed! Estefania is a delight to work with and has superhuman speed in getting our orders ready for our customers deliveries! Her 5 Star standards are foremost and her loving nature is evident in all that she does - but it is her amazing smile that shines through everything else.

The lovely Egle has joined our Sales department as our Customer Service and Sales Manager and sometimes there seems to be not enough hours in the day to for her to vist all the clients that she would like. When our customers specifically ask to talk only with Egle, and our sales are increasing dramatically, we know she must be doing something right! Egle is a warm and fun loving spirit who is super professional and tackles even the biggest challenges with a smile on her face and calm professionalism. Thanks so much for joining us, Egle.

Zlatan our Sales Director, is a true gentleman who is gifted with an infectious sense of humor and a brilliantly positive outlook. Warm, kind hearted, always sees the best in people - and just a bit hyper active - he brings the perfect mix of skills and personality to Smoothie Solutions. He has an uncanny ability to put a smile on everyone's face. Wise beyond his years, his enthusiasm for life and his abilty to brighten the day of the people around him is a wonder to behold.

Everyone needs a Zlatan in their life!  

This year we are introducing to the market two more new vegetable smoothies to join our very successful Green Machine, plus we are about to release a new range of smoothies with 100% natural nutritional protein boosters.

These types of innovation are what keeps Smoothie Solutions at the forefront of the competitive smoothies supply sector.

We believe that increased competition is crucial to the industry and we love looking at innovative new products and new services that we can introduce to always stay one or two steps ahead of everyone else.

Our 7 day a week, 365 days a year, delivery service throughout Gran Canaria has proved a real success and has been very well received by our customers. We guarantee that our customers will receive their order within 2 -24 hours from the tim eof ordering, or they will receive the goods for free. That's how confident we are in the abilty of our super fast delivery department.

It is always trhe customer that benefits most from increased competition as it leads to more choice, better quality products, better prices and innovative new services

This year we have many exciting new plans and hope to be welcoming many more customers on board as we strive to continue to be the number one smoothie supply company in Europe.

Thanks once again for buying our smoothies and we hope to continue to serve you for many years to come. 


Stevie Bird




The summer of 2015 is well and truly here and the Canary Islands are more popular than ever with record numbers of visitors holidaying in our beautiful and safe resorts.

I moved here in 2008 and am still delighted to discover new beaches and to find out more about the Canarian unique perspective on life.

The company I founded, Smoothie Solutions, has quickly grown to become the market leader in the creation and supply of premium smoothies throughout the Canaries.

We manufacture our products to the highest standards using our exclusive, award winning, secret recipes and in numerous taste tests, Smoothie Solutions is chosen above all other brands time and time again.

This year we signed an agreement with a major retailing chain to sell our products throughout Spain. We already sell to customers in Scandinavia and other countries. 

We have increased our product line to include four distinct brands I Love Smoothies, Smootheelicious, Smoothie Dreamz and Life Smoothies and I would like to thank everybody who has been a part of the creation of these three premium brands.

At Smoothie Solutions we believe our customers should always have the highest priority and our comittment is to offering an exceptional service to all of customers regardless of the volume of sales.

Earlier in the year we began our seven day a week delivery service as we know how important it is for our customers to not run out of smoothies.

We are the only company in the Canaries that offers a guaranteed delivery of all our customers orders within 24 hours of receiving the order - 7 days a week - 365 days a year. Very often we even deliver our orders within a few hours on the same day - and on the very, very rare occasions when we don't deliver within 24 hours - our customer receives their entire order for free.

We are also the only smoothie company to have our own fleet of delivery vehicles and all orders are delivered by our team of exceptional customer service team members

I'd like to take this opportunity to also once again thank all of our customers for their confidence in us over the years. 

Each one of you is very valuable to all of us at Smoothie Solutions and we appreciate your confidence in us.


- I've just noticed the thermometer - and right now it's a pretty warm 34 degrees C.

I've checked out the company book of rules - there's not many - but I've found a recommendation that advises everyone "to always stay cool".

I've therefore made an excecutive, on-the-spot decision - to go and make a Papaya Playa Smoothie for myself.

We've changed the recipe and it is one our latest and tastiest Smoothies.

And after that . . . ?

Well let's take one step at a time.

Let's speak again soon,


Stevie Bird




2015 is well under way and I am very pleased to announce that our company now expanded into the next level and we have rebranded as: Smoothie Solutions. 

Smoothie Solutions creates and delivers the highest quality smoothies at unbeatable prices to distributors throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East. 

We have the same wonderful team and we sell the same brilliant smoothie products and brands - plus we will be introducing some exciting new goodies in the months ahead.

Never content to just cruise along - we are putting into place our longer term plans to introduce our amazing world-class smoothies to many more countries.

Here on the Canary Islands, where it all started, we expect our sales to increase significantly in 2015 as more and more clients change from competing brands to the original and the best smoothies. Our brands, all of which are exclusive to us, include:

 I-Love Smoothies, Smoothie Dreamz and Smootheelicous.

Our products are specially created to be fast selling and to also represent a significant business opportunity for all of our clients.

The Smoothie Solutions team places a huge importance on looking after our customers and creating long term business relationships.

Without our customers we would not be where we are today - the leading smoothie supply company in the Canary Islands and we're on our way to conquer Europe as well!

I would like to offer my most sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our many customers and partners who every day purchase our products.

Thank you for your confidence in us.

We look forward to continue offering you the best smoothie products in the marketplace.

Stevie Bird


Smoothie Solutions
Everything smoothies - throughout the EU

Great Prices - Great Products - Great Service



One dream - One team

Summer in the the Canary Islands in 2014 is delightful this year and we are now experiencing the hottest weather of the year. The Island is in full swing with record numbers of visitors coming for the summer sun. 

iLove Smoothies acheived record sales in the first six months of 2014 and we are expecting the rest of the year to be our best ever too.

Helping us to retain and reinforce our position as the number one manufacturer and supplier of Smoothies in the Canary Islands is Ellen. who has joined the team at Smoothie Solutions as Sales Director, and I am delighted to welcome her on board.

I'd also like to welcome Abian, our wonderful new Delivery and Customer Service Representative. How did we ever manage without you, Abian?

This is also the time of year when we can focus on meeting with all of our customers and seeing if we can help them improve sales.

Love Smoothies have never just sold Smoothies.

That's only part of what we do.

We also offer our customers and partners cutting-edge, well thought out strategies and tools to help them maximize their share of the cold drinks market. Our customer relations are are our number one priority. We aim for long term, mutually beneficial and sucessful relationships with all of our customers, whatever the size of their business.

This month we have added a brand new refrigerated delivery van to our existing fleet and we can now offer deliveries 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Often we can deliver to our customers within six hours of receiving an order at HQ. All deliveries are guaranteed to be with our customers within 24 hours of receipt of order - or the goods are free!

We are proud to be able offer the best quality product at the best price along with best delivery service of any business in the Canary Islands. 

We know our customers want the best and our aim is to deliver the best package available.

I'm very much looking forward to the summer and I hope to have some updates for you very soon on some very exciting new projects.

Let's speak again soon,


Stevie Bird 


2014 is here and yet it seems not so long ago that we celebrated the beginning of 2013!

So many changes happened around the world in 2013 and I believe many more are yet to come as an increasing number of people everywhere look for a better way of doing virtually everything. The old systems no longer work very well in 2014.

Here on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria, we are making our own changes too. 2013 was our busiest ever year - we sold hundreds of thousands of smoothies and we look forward to even more sales in 2014.

We aim to be the brightest and most scrumptious smoothie company in Europe, selling the best products on the planet, and step by step we are moving towards our goal.

These past few weeks we've been working flat out to bring some exciting new changes to our product range and to our international operations.

We've created a new range of Smoothies after many tests in our laboratories by our dedicated team of tasteologists. I'm sure you'll love the new flavours - they're simply delicious!

We've been working on our shipping methods too. Now we can get your smoothies to you faster than ever before - by road, sea and air - with a new international distribution network.

  • As 2014 kicks off we are now the exclusive distributors for the Polar Krush range of premium products in Gran Canaria and we're really looking forward to bringing these delicious ice cold drinks to existing and new customers.
  • Apart from this we have three brand new, vegetable smoothies ready to roll. They're packed full with antioxidants and other goodies and they also taste absolutely delicious!
  • Not content with just the vegetable smoothies - we are also introducing smoothies made with amazing Greek yoghurt! These super creamy, super delicious smoothies have been a big hit in our taste tests.

We intend to shake up the cold drinks and frozen yoghurt market this year and we aim to bring some incredibly exciting products to the market.

I would like to take this opportunity at the beginning of the year to welcome the delightful, stylish and always cheerful Estefania to the Love Smoothies team. Estefania is incredibly skilled and is already contributing many very welcome changes to the company in her role as Director of Operations. Thank you for everything, Estefania.

2014 is going to be an exciting year for sure.

We now have a fantastic team in place to bring the Love Smoothie product plus our new range of goodies to many more retailers and consumers over the next 12 months.

As we've grown over the years I've found that listening to our customers is the single most important way for us to learn how to make our product range and service even better.

I would like to personally thank all of our customers for the confidence you have placed in us. 

We are honored by how many new clients have come to Love Smoothies through a referral from an existing customer. 

I believe 2014 is going to be another exciting year and I'd like wish you all a very successful and satisfying future.


Stevie B 

 Smoothie Solutions is the leading manufacturer, distributor and direct supplier of IQF fruit for extraordinary smoothies.
Based in the Canary Islands and the UK we supply locally and to wholesale customers throughout Europe
We are also are distributors for Vitamix, Blendtec & Omniblend professional blenders.


















Rapid and reliable service

Rapid and reliable service

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Rapid and reliable service
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