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Why are our Smoothies so popular?

Smoothies have become phenomenally popular in recent years, and now form a large part
of the soft drink markets in Europe and the USA. According to a Mintel Market Research report, sales are set to triple in both countries within 3 years.

In Europe, Smoothies have come onto the market more recently, yet the signs indicate they will be even more popular than in the USA. In Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ibiza, the Canary Islands, Cyprus and tourist resorts around the Mediterranean, sales of Smoothies are booming because of the year round warmer temperatures. Equally, smoothies are selling extremely well in northern Europe due in part to the extraordiany health benefits.

What is better than a freshly made, delicious, vitamin packed, ice cool, real fruit, Two Hearts courtesy of Love Smoothies, Gran Canaria, Spain
Smoothie on a summer's day?

What else?

Healthier eating, greater consumption of fruit and vegetables, and various Governments' healthy eating campaigns all contribute to the exceptional popularity and the continued growth, consumption and sales of Smoothies.

Smoothies are also popular because of the numerous TV and radio shows and magazine articles, that encourage people to eat more fruit.

Another popular trend is the movement away from carbonated, soft drinks. These are invariably filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners and often contain chemicals, preservatives and artificial colorings. Many people in increasing numbers are looking for healthier and more nutritious alternatives - and in many cases the alternative is a Smoothie.

Then of course, there’s one more important factor that has boosted the sales of our own products - i-Love Smoothies and Smoothie Dreamz - and made them so popular.

The taste: It’s gorgeous.

One sip and you and i-Love Smoothies become friends for life.

Smoothie Solutions is the leading manufacturer, distributor and direct supplier of IQF fruit for extraordinary smoothies.
Based in the Canary Islands we supply locally and to wholesale customers in Europe
We are also are distributors for Vitamix, Blendtec & Omniblend professional blenders.


IQF fruit Smoothie Poster: supplier Love Smoothies, España

Blueberry, Raspberry and banana Smoothie copyright Love Smoothies SL, Spain

Smoothie Solutions manufacturer, distributor & direct supplier
of extraordinary IQF fruit Smoothies in Spain and Europe.
Distributors of Blendtec, Vitamix and Omniblend. 

Rapid and reliable service

Rapid and reliable service

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Rapid and reliable service
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Trade Sales

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