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“The Quiet One Pro is the only blender that can mix any beverage without disrupting our guests’ dining experience with the noise of the blender motor”.                      
Julian Cox, Rivera Restaurant 

The Vitamix Quiet One™ 

The Vitamix Quiet One is a superb, high performance, powerful commercial blender produced by one of the worlds' leading blender manufacturers. The blender is beautiful to look at, great for making Smoothies and all other beverages - and it is also the quietest blender in the world. 

Designed for all day use in smoothie outlets, juice bars, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, delicatessans, take-aways, cocktail bars, pubs and lounges. It is also a fantastic, luxury blender for use at home.

We recommend it for all coffee shops, bars and hotels where a low-noise environment has a high priority. 

The Vitamix Quiet One™ is suitable for high volume use and will easily make up to 200 or more drinks per day.   

We are are pleased to be able to offer the The Vitamix Quiet One™ high performance blender throughout the Canary Islands and Spain - at an unbeatable price! 

Powerful and Quiet.

The Vitamix Quiet One™ is exceptionally quiet in operation compared to any other blender. It is highly reccommended for any situation where a low-noise environment is important. The blender incorporates patented technology that reduces the operational noise of the blender to be the same level as that of a normal conversation. 

The Vitamix Quiet One™ also has an incredibly powerful motor that blasts through the thickest and heaviest ingredients effortlessly. It is designed using the latest leading-edge technology to give it outstanding performance and reliability.

It makes all types of smoothies, drinks and cocktails - reliably and effortlessly - time after time after time. 

Vita-Mix are built to last

The Vitamix Quiet One™, like all Vitamix machines, is built to last using the toughest materials and highest quality components. The heavy-duty motor is specifically engineered for demanding bar operations - and in test after test, Vitamix out-performs and out-lasts all other commercial blenders.

The Vitamix Quiet One is encased in a high quality stylish grey and black ABS and metal body that fits perfectly into every bar environment. This exceptional blender has an illuminated digital LCD screen which displays information about the current blending cycle. 

Advanced Technology

The advanced design of the motor means it runs with more power and less noise. Everything that goes into this blender comes out perfectly homogenized and silkily smooth.

The Blending Jar features the newly designed Vitamix X-Treme Performance cutting blade, that reduces blending times by up to 30%. The patented X-Treme Performance cutting blade is made from hardened stainless steel and the bearings are double-sealed to be extremely long lasting.

Simple to use with 34 blending Cycles 

The Vitamix Quiet One™ is simple to use and employees require very little training to operate it. Most blending requirements need just a one-touch operation - press the control panel once and the The Vitamix Quiet One™ will do the rest, shutting down automatically when the drink is perfectly blended.

There are 6 different blending programs to choose from at a touch of a button plus an additional Pulse function.

These 6 day-today blending cycles are chosen from 34 different blending cycles stored in the blenders' memory. If desired, you can even add your own custom blending cycles with a simple programming chip (sold separately).


In summary, the Vitamix Quiet One™ is a high performance, all-purpose, professional Smoothie Blender that will blend whatever you want it to, reliably, speedily, effectively and above all - extremely quietly.

The Vitamix Quiet One™ is a great investment for the busiest catering operation or for use at home and will give years of trouble free service. It blends all types of drinks (and all types of food) effortlessly and with a minimum of noise. It is ruggedly built and very easy to operate.

This blender is Very Highly Recommended  for all coffee-houses, bars and hotels and comes with a 3 year manufacturers' guarantee.

The Vitamix Quiet One™ Product Specifications:

  • Smoothie and beverage blender recommended for use in juice and smoothie bars, hotels, restaurants, cafes, cocktail bars, pubs, lounges, and for use at home.
  • Ideal for making up to 200 or more smoothies or beverages per day
  • Extremely quiet in operation with advanced sound reduction technology
  • Beautiful to look at - Functional Design - Powerful motor  
  • Very simple to operate 
  • 6 day-today one-touch automatic Blending Cycles with auto-Off
  • Choose from 34 different pre programmed Blending Cycles.
  • Smart Touch Triple Sealed Electronic Control Panel with LCD Screen 
  • Patented X-Treme Performance, replaceable, hardened stainless steel Cutting Mechanism
  • Soft Start acceleration increases blade speed gradually.  
  • Ultra Long Life double-sealed bearings
  • Premium Quality, transparent, shatterproof Polycarbonate Container
  • Crushes ice in seconds 
  • Consistent drinks every time 
  • Precision Technology with Direct Drive
  • 37,000 RPM, powerful 3HP motor
  • Solid-state electronics 
  • Low maintenance 
  • 15 Amps
  • Jug Capacity - 1.9 litre
  • Wattage - 750 - 950
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) - 216 x 272 x 458mm
  • For home and commercial use 
  • Weight - 9kg                                                 
  • Warranty - 3 Years 
  • Love Smoothies SL are authorized suppliers of Vitamix in Spain and the Canary Islands 

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Rapid and reliable service

Rapid and reliable service

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Rapid and reliable service
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