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The Vitamix XL - High Capacity, High Performance, Kitchen Blender

With Xtreme Performance

"The Vitamix XL High Capacity Commercial Blender is designed for LARGE workloads. It comes with two mixing jars - a 5.6 liter (1.5 gallon) jar and a 1.9 liter jar. It is designed for all professional kitchen operations"


The Vitamix XL is a very high performance, extremely powerful commercial blender with two mixing jars - an extra large 5.6 litre and a more normal 1.9 litre jar. The Vitamix XL is more powerful and mixes larger quanities in less time - than any other blender.

It has a stunning ergonomic design that allows easy access to the mixing jars and control panel.

The Vitamix XL has been fitted with an incredibly powerful 4.2 horsepower motor which powers through the toughest liquid or dry ingredients in a few seconds. With the extra large 5.6 litre mixing jar the Vitamix XL can produce multiple servings in one operation. For example, the Vitamix XL can produce twenty-four x 250ml smoothies in just one operation. 

The Vita-Mix XL is designed for use in the busiest of professional kitchens. It is also recommended for use in high volume smoothie, juice and cocktail bars. 

As well as making any types of drink the Vitamix XL is fantastic for making soups, sauces, dips, dressings, and anything else produced in a professional kitchen.

The Vitamix XL professional, high-performance, high capacity blender is available from stock for delivery in the Canary Islands and Spain - at an unbeatable price! 

Powerful and Quiet.

The Vitamix Bar XL is designed using the latest advanced technology for outstanding performance and reliability. The super powerful 4.2 HP motor powers through any type of dry or liquid ingredients - effortlessly and reliably - time after time, year after year. 

The Vitamix XL is not only the most powerful blender you can buy, but it is also exceptionally quiet in operation. 

The Vita-Mix XL is built to last

The XL, like all Vitamix machines, is built to last, using the toughest materials and highest quality components. The durable heavy-duty motor is specifically engineered for demanding operations and is built for daily sustained use.

In test after test, Vita-Mix out-performs and out-lasts all other commercial blenders.

The Vita-Mix XL is finished with a high quality, easy to clean ABS and metal body and it's ergonomic design fits perfectly and practically into every environment. 

Advanced Design

The advanced design of the incredibly powerfull 4.2 horsepower motor means it runs with even more power and less noise than other blenders. 

The powerhouse of a motor is located behind the mixing jar in an ergonomic design which extremely gives easy access to the mixing jar.  This revolutionary design is a real space saver too - reducing the overall height of the blender.

The Vitamix XL has a 5.6 litre and a 1.9 litre mixing jar and both are fitted with the Vitamix X-Treme Performance cutting mecanism, that reduces blending times by up to 30%. The patented X-Treme Performance cutting blade is made from hardened stainless steel and the bearings are double-sealed to be ultra long lasting.

Simple to use

The Vita-Mix XL is simple to use and employees require very little training to operate it. Most blending requirements need just a one-touch operation - press the control panel once and the XL will do the rest, shutting down automatically when the drink is perfectly blended.

There are many different blending programs to choose from and a Pulse function to refresh beverages left in the jug. You can also program the XL with your own blending cycles with a simple programming chip (sold separately)

Recommended uses

The Vita-Mix XL Pro very high capacity blender is perfect for blending and processing of all types of foods and drinks.

The high capacity 5.6 liitre mixing jar of the Vita Mix  XL recommend it for use in all professional kitchens, especially where large volumes are produced.

It's also great for producing all types of food and drinks at community events or large venues such as stadiums or concerts. If you sell smoothies at sporting or other events, use the Vita-Mix XL to serve long lines of thirsty customers in record time.

The Vitamix XL comes with two different sized mixing containers - one 5.6 litre and one 1.9 litre - so you can blend large and small quantites with equal ease.

The Vita-Mix XL saves time and money

Example 1)
A typical restaurant can make 3 separate batches of vinaigrette salad dressing per day using an ordinary capacity blender. With the Vitamix XL the same quantity of salad dressing can be achieved in just one operation. 
Time saved per day: 15 minutes

Example 2)
A typical kitchen can make 6 separate batches of soups per day using an ordinary capacity blender. With the Vitamix XL this same amount of soup can be made in one or two operations. 
Time saved per day: 35 minutes

In the two examples above, 50 minutes are saved each day through using the Vita-Mix XL, instead of a normal sized blender. The employee pay for 50 minutes will be between €6 - €15 (depending on wages). In one month this means savings in staff time to the value of €180 - €450. Many large kitchens will save many times this amount every month! The Vitamix XL pays for itself in most kitchens in less than a year. But most of all - it will save you time allowing staff to do other things.


In summary, the Vita Mix XL is a very powerfull,  good looking, very high capacity, professional Blender that will do whatever you want it to, reliably, speedily and effectively. The XL is a great investment for the busiest professional catering operation and will give many years of trouble free service. It blends very large quantities of all types of foods and drinks effortlessly and with a minimum of noise. It is ruggedly built and easy to operate. This blender is very Highly Recommended for all professional kitchens and comes with a 3 year guarantee. 



Vita-Mix XL Product Specifications: 

  • Vitamix - manufacturers of the finest blenders in the world.
  • The Vitamix XL is a high capacity blender recommended for sustained use in smoothie and juice kiosks, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, clubs, schools, universities, nursing homes, hospitals, staff canteens, retirement centers, cruise ships and all high volume food and drink preparation kitchens.
  • Has two jars - super large 5.6 litre and normal size 1.9 litre jar
  • Can make twenty-four x 240 ml servings in one operation.
  • Powerful 4.2 horsepower motor - the most powerfull on the market.
  • Stainless steel patented high performance cutting blades. 
  • Blends all types of hot and cold foods and beverages.
  • Pre-programmed electroniclly controlled blending cycles
  • Variable speeds, pulse function and automatic shut down.
  • Very simple to operate
  • Super quiet operation compared to other blenders.  
  • Ergonomically designed for ease-of-use.
  • Lower profile for ease of use and safety. 
  • Beautiful design.
  • Soft Start acceleration increases blade speed gradually. 
  • 37,000 RPM
  • Solid-state electronics
  • Illuminated ON / OFF switch
  • Heavy-duty 4.2 horsepower motor engineered specifically for demanding operations.
  • Direct drive system for long lasting equipment
  • 2 unbreakable jugs
  • Jug Capacity - 5.6 litre and 1.9 litre
  • Easily removable Jug lid 
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) - 229 x 203 x 460mm
  • Warranty - 3 Years
  • Low maintenance
  •  Love Smoothies SL is an authorized supplier of Vitamix in Spain and the Canary Islands 



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Rapid and reliable service

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Rapid and reliable service
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