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OmniBlend Professional Blender





OmniBlend TM-800A Professional Blender

This is the newly designed OmniBlend TM-800A commercial blender with a BPA free mixing jar from JTC. The square container and new cutting mechanism design blends faster, smoother drinks with less mess and less waste.

The OmniBlend TM-800A from JTC is a powerful, high performance professional blender suitable for all types of blending operations.

It is considered to be one of the most powerful blenders on the market that is able to easily blend the toughest of ingredients in the shortest time.

The OmniBlend TM-800A mixes all kinds of drinks effortlessly in 20 seconds or less. You can also use it to blend soups, sauces, purees and much more. â€¨â€¨

The OmniBlend TM-800A has a powerful, high speed motor that blends to the same standards as more expensive blenders - but it costs less than half the price.

The OmniBlend is a great blender for commercial use in smoothie bars, cafes, bars and restaurants. It's also a super blender for use at home.

It is suitable for making up to 25 smoothies per day. 

Love Smoothie SL is an authorized distributor for OmniBlend in Spain and the Canary Islands and the OmniBlend TM-800A all-purpose blender is normally available from stock.   

Powerful in action

This high performance blender cuts through even the toughest ingredients effortlessly. The OmniBlend has a powerfull, 950W, 3 HP motor that will blend whatever you wish - easily and rapidly. 

Choose from 35, 60 and 90 second fully automatic blending cycles or 3 constant-speed cycles with manual shut off. The OmniBlend Pro also features a Pulse Button that's great for blending for just a few seconds.

Safety Overload Sensor

The OmniBlend is equipped with an Intelligent Overload Sensor. This safety feature prolongs the life of the motor and helps prevent any breakdown. The built in sensor automatically turns off the motor if it detects excess usage. If your blender ever stops working, most likely the Overload Switch has activated – To use your blender simply switch on the reset button on the bottom of the OmniBlend. 

Latest Design

The OmniBlend TM-880A features state of the art design with precision technology. The speed of the motor is automatically adjusted to the load being blended. 

The replaceable, Japanese stainless steel cutting mechanism is made to an exclusive six blade design that powers through the most dificult to blend liquid or dry ingredients in moments. 

The blender is operated via the One-Touch, electronic multi function control panel. 

The 1.5 litre jug is made from easy-to clean, virtually unbreakable, food grade, Eastman Tritan BPA-free co-polyester.

This means it is manufactured using the latest technology to be 100% free of any toxic materials such as phthalates or bisphenols. 

The outer casing is finished in a sophisticated piano black. Genuine OmniBlend spare parts are available.


As well as making smoothies and milkshakes, the Omniblend TM-800A is very versatile and is designed to make purees soups, sauces and salsas of all kinds. It crushes ice in seconds. 

The TM-800A has the power to blend dry ingredients too. It will grind coffee beans, make nut butters from almonds, cashews or peanuts and even turn whole grains into flour.


The OmniBlend TM-800A smoothie blender is a great home or commercial blender that blends to exactly the same standards as the more expensive VitaMix or Blendtec machines. It is durable, simple to use and quiet in operation.

Over 400 of our commercial clients have used the OmniBlend exclusively as their main blender over the past 4 years in their cafes and bars.

The  OmniBlend TM-800A is a great blender selling for a very good price. It is well suited for making up to 20 smoothies per day. The OmniBlend TM-800A is our recommended blender for home and lower volume commercial use.   


For more information you can visit this page: OmniBlend Australia 

Product Sepecifications

  • Smoothie Blender recommended for use in juice and smoothie bars, hotels, restaurants, cafes, cocktail bars, pubs, lounges, and for use at home.
  • Premium Quality, transparent, shatterproof BPA free mixing Container
  • Ideal for making up to 25 smoothies per day
  • Direct drive contact means longer lasting equipment
  • 950w power output - 38000 RPM
  • Powerful Industrial High Speed 3hp Motor
  • State of the Art Electronic Design
  • 35, 60 & 90 second One-Touch Auto Timer
  • Safety Overload Sensor
  • High, Med, Low & Pulse Functions  
  • Unique six blade stainless steel Cutting Mechanism 
  • Crushes ice in seconds
  • Precision Technology                                               
  • Consistent drinks every time
  • Very simple to operate
  • Smart Touch Electronic Control Panel
  • Attractive & Functional Design
  • Illuminated ON / OFF switch
  • 1 Stackable light weight jug included
  • Replaceable long lasting stainless steel blades
  • For home and commercial use
  • Two part, space saving flat lid   
  • OmniBlend genuine spare parts available
  • Jug Capacity - 1.5 litre
  • Wattage - 750 - 950
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) - 200 x 225 x 418mm
  • For home and commercial use 
  • Weight - 5.9kg
  • Smoothie Solutions is an authorized distributor for OmniBlend in the Canary Islands, Spain and worldwide.


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