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Xtreme Performance

Jar with Cutting Mechanism & Lid 


This is the new Advance Jar from Vita-Mix, one of the worlds leading commercial blender manufacturers. The newly designed container with a dripless pouring spout creates faster, smoother blended drinks with less mess and less waste.

The new Advance™ Blending Container is extremely durable and is now made from BPA-Free Eastman Tritan copolyester which is tougher and safer than polycarbonate. It is virtually shatterproof and comes with exclusive double-sealed, long-life, twin bearings. The XL Blending Container allows drinks and foods to be blended 30% faster than before, saving time and energy and reducing wear and tear on your blender.

The new Advance™ Blending Container lasts longer than other jugs too. Older Vita Mix cutting blades and all other blenders have cutting mechanisms with just one bearing and one seal. The new Advance XL Blending Container with the new X-treme Performance cutting blade has a new double-sealed assembly with a newly designed twin bearing that now lasts 50% longer than all other blades.

The Blending Container # 15981 holds 1.9 liters, and has a wide base and a patented, rounded, three sided design, that creates a powerful vortex to continually circulate ingredients for consistent blending. The extra-long, hardened stainless steel blades easily cut through frozen fruit and ice, eliminating bits of unblended fruit.

The Vita-Mix Advance XL Blending Container code: # 15981 is a genuine Vita Mix accessory and is compatible with all of the Vitamix commercial smoothie blenders in the Love Smoothies Online Shop.


  • Ready assembled and ready to use. No tools required
  • Unique triangular shape with efficient, easy to clean, design
  • Crushes ice in seconds
  • Premium quality, transparent, shatterproof Polycarbonate
  • Precision Technology
  • Consistent drinks every time
  • Superior durability and Double-Sealed mechanism
  • Long-life, twin bearings
  • Two-piece lid allows you to add ingredients while blending
  • Non-Drip pouring - less mess and less waste
  • Replaceable, hardened stainless steel cutting mechanism
  • Patented X-Treme Performance blades blend 30% faster & last 50% longer
  • Shatterproof, virtually unbreakable jar construction
  • Made from BPA-Free Eastman Tritan copolyester - tougher and safer than polycarbonate
  • Compatable with the Vita Mix Bar Boss, Vita Mix Drink Machine and Vita-Mix T & G blenders
  • Easily removable lid
  • Jug Capacity - 1.9 litre
  • Non-Drip pouring
  • Complete with two part flat lid
  • Weight: 875gm
  •  For home and commercial use
  • Genuine Vitamix Pro accessory. Part #15981 


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